THE TUNNEL SCANDAL – Did the Vapa brothers prevent the Finland-Russia war by accident?

A Column / News Release From Finland 12.5.2023 – Free for Publication


The athlete brothers Marko and Mikko Vapa were arrested on 14 April 2023 on suspicion of treason. What makes the case exceptional is the police secrecy and the similarities with the judiciary of totalitarian states. Rumour has it that the defendants are allowed only one phone call a week in pre-trial detention, and no lawyers are available. The situation is intolerable for the rule of law, but the scandal also opens new points of view.


1. Marko and Mikko Vapa were candidates in the parliamentary elections. They were investigating a suspected Finnish election fraud case in which 156 000 votes disappeared.

2. The Vapa brothers are also part of a network of amateur researchers who map the tunnels used by an international criminal elite for trafficking human beings and drugs.

No other persons investigating the election fraud have been arrested, so the most likely reason for the arrests are the Tunnel War videos the Vapa brothers have been known for years.

Finland’s top police can off course be involved in smuggling crimes and be protecting their businesses with cover-up, like the ex-police chief Jari Aarnio scandal proved. Still the timing of Vapa brothers arrests, just after Finland joined NATO, hints at another reason.


Great powers like the US, Russia and China have their intelligence systems that spy the defence and offensive systems of other countries. Finland’s neighbour Russia knows for sure all Finland’s tunnels and underground shelters many times more accurately than was presented in amateur YouTube videos of Vapa brothers. Since the Vapa brothers did not present any new information to ‘NATO’s enemy’, and our leaders know it, why the treason investigation and secrecy?

The big conclusion is: Because of Vapa Brothers Tunnel-Scandal, now also the finnish people knows that Russia knows all our underground hide-aways and tunnels. Even though Russia knew already, the revelation may have come as a shock for even the pro-war-politicians. And as a result of these tunnel revelations, now the most in Finland start to realize, that in a possible war with Russia there would be NO place to hide from the bombs.

And if playing hardball as NATO’s frontline with Russia is out options because of total devastation of Finland in case of war, even the best propaganda in the world would not get finnish people now into the war. And the logical final step of this “Awakening of the people” is that Finland will return to a peace negotiating country, where it’s greatest skills and experience lays.


– Did brothers Marko and Mikko Vapa start by accident a positive cascade that can prevent Finland-Russia war and possibly even a larger nuclear war between The East and The West?
– What will Finland’s officials do – continue arresting normal citizens or start peace negotiations?

Some people make money out of wars and bribe officials and politicians with no hesitancy. And now also the global economic collapse threat is raising stakes so high, that peace won’t come easy.

So the final question is: What will YOU Do?
– You vote, by your actions – with global peace movement everything is possible!

For peace and love

Mikael Kivivuori
Researcher on global problems, doctor and peace activist
MKR – Multi-Professional Crisis Resolution Team Finland  

P.S. World Wide Demonstration (WWD) 12 will take place on 20.5.2023 with the theme ”For Peace and Freedom” around the world and everyone’s welcome to join!

P.P.S. This weekend 13.5.2023 in Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu there will be a demonstration in support of the human rights of the Vapa brothers – the least we can do is to provide them with lawyers and a fair trial – We ask also people around the world to support them!

Marko Vapa
Mikko Vapa

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