Hanna Parikka, M.Sc., IVF biologist / Embryologist


Opinion piece April 4, 2023

From the beginning of 2020, the mainstream media started to report daily that a dangerous and deadly coronavirus is spreading around the world. For many people, including me, the beginning of the coronavirus era involved a lot of uncertainty, wondering, fear, grasping the situation, processing and evaluating of information. There were many disturbing observations that triggered my intuition, but not enough information to assess their veracity. I remember my first thought, when Prime Minister Sanna Marin declared the need to protect vulnerable groups, that since when has it been in any politician’s heart to protect the elderly, because there was not enough money even to hire enough workers to take care of their basic needs. Now they were prepared to shut down the whole of society for the sake of these elderly people and others at risk. Everything was not right.

Psychological operation – You don’t want to be an anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist, do you?

There were lockdowns, masks, constant fear-mongering in the media – people changed and communication became more difficult. I wondered why small businesses had to close or restrict their operations, but not the big supermarkets? Why did the confirmed outbreaks occur in restaurants and gyms, but not in large chain department stores? The small speciality shops were being restricted, but not the large supermarkets where you could buy the range of products sold by the speciality shops. Logic began to disappear, as did people’s willingness and ability to see the absence of logic. ”Now is not the time to go to the summer cottages”, people were instructed. And the people believed, waiting for further instructions. Why not go to the cottage, but you could go to the ”Crazy Days” sale at the shopping center? The reason given for this was the capacity of the health service in the various regions. The news coverage of the situation in hospitals was sensationalist, not reflecting my own perception of the situation and that of many others working in hospitals. I wondered where all the deaths were, the numbers of which were estimated to become enormous. The propagandistic news coverage and its visible impact on people’s speech and behaviour increasingly seemed like a psychological manipulation operation.

The vaccines arrived. First, the at-risk groups and health workers were vaccinated and then the rest of the population. The debate on vaccination was markedly unanimous and positive. The questions did not lead to a normal scientific debate, but to compartmentalisation. Personally, I have been a pro-medication and pro-vaccine person all my life. I have trusted the judgement and work ethic of regulators and professionals. In the past, it was possible to discuss these issues, but for some reason not in the case of the covid vaccines. Of course, it should have been debated, since it was a completely new technology. One nurse wondered aloud whether the vaccine would be worth taking and whether it had been adequately researched, given the speed with which the product was coming onto the market – a reflection that led to a behind-the-back anti-vaccine compartmentalisation in the workplace.

The more inflexible, without scientific basis and reasoning, the debate between people became, the more my own alarm bells rang. I became more of a fly on the wall to monitor the situation, while trying to find and study the facts that were known. At the same time I was grieving the loss of humanity in a fearful mass of people seeking shelter from each other through conformism, and who were beginning to behave more like adult school bullies. Where was the maturity, the responsibility for children and young people, the responsibility for one’s own words and actions, the experience of empathy for other people who think differently? Where was the ability to listen and discuss calmly without name-calling? Vaccine and fear divided the nation. The factual questions that arose from healthy critical reflection on science with its conflicts of interest, human rights and the instruments of power led to rapid categorisation as some kind of denialist, Trumpist, conspiracy theorist, etc. NO. I was an IVF biologist with a career of almost twenty years in health care in fertility clinics. In my own thinking I used my knowledge of biology, my knowledge of the relativity of science and expertise, and my knowledge of the mistakes made in the name of science. I also stressed the responsibility of each expert to understand the limitations of his own knowledge and the responsibility to understand the responsibility of his profession. My thinking was also based on my long professional experience and my understanding of human psychology.

Alarm bells were ringing everywhere. The image of a young boy sitting outside in the schoolyard at a desk doing his schoolwork was etched in my mind. The boy had not worn a mask, and so he was removed from the classroom. I watched the world go by. This happened in Australia. The image would invade my mind at night, I would cry and I couldn’t sleep. Masks were not useful. (1) As an instrument of power, however, masks were effective. It was not a question of health. I didn’t hear anyone publicly defending children and young people against unjustified abuse of power, but many instead analysed how to cope with being afraid of covid and later how not to be afraid of vaccinations. What about the traumas inflicted on these children and young people by the media’s fear propaganda, among other things?

Mainstream media selects experts and silences critical voices

I was also reminded of an opinion piece signed, as I recall, under the pseudonym ”A saleswoman from Ostrobothnia”. She was able to tell us that the PCR test is reliable, it works and everything else is nonsense. I preferred to listen to what Kevin McKernan had to say on the subject, as he had gone through the Drosten paper. (2) I had done PCR myself, not just run samples, but designed primers, determined the right protocol for the particular subject I was studying, run the PCR, isolated the product, sequenced the DNA, etc. I knew, at least rudimentarily, where to go wild and get false results. But this was twenty years ago, and I wanted to discuss and listen to those who had spent their entire careers working in this area. Not a saleswoman, but Kevin. And of course the inventor of PCR himself, Nobelist Kary Mullis, who warned against using PCR as a diagnostic tool. And Mullis also warned about Anthony Fauci, the corruption and mass conformity of the scientific world. (3) Mullis died just before the pandemic began. Fauci continued his work for the world. Many in Finland do not know who Fauci is, but Americans and the critical scientific community do. We in Finland have our own Faucis, as do other countries with their own governments and media-embraced scientists and experts. Perhaps books will be written about them one day, as has been written about Fauci.(4)

People’s attacks on each other were fuelled by the media. The unvaccinated were selfish, uneducated, pathetic, more dangerous than the stray wolves, conspiracy theorists and living in rabbit holes. This was the guidance that was offered to the people. The public wanted an easy and simple approach to discussing mRNA technology, and the media provided it. I saw that reality no longer mattered. The media had no responsibility for what they wrote, the writers were stating in black and white, as if it were true, things that were highly controversial in the scientific community. It did not interest many people, because all they wanted was to get back to normal life, to get into hobbies, to go to the spa with their vaccination certificates and to go to the cultural happenings. The same kind of mind games had been used in the world before. The famous Milgram obedience test also came to my mind.

Is following the guidelines the same as expertise?

The world began to be in a state of massive insanity. Public debate was dominated by the least knowledgeable, and the tough questions and criticism of the real knowledgeable experts were censored. I was one of them. I asked the authorities difficult questions about vaccination recommendations for pregnant women, but my questions were censored or answered with extremely simple content. The alarm bells kept ringing. Now this was a matter of risking health and life happening on my professional territory and in front of my eyes, and the authority was unilaterally handing out recommendations and instructions for which I had no basis. Or if I had, the arguments and sources used did not satisfy me as an expert in my field. (5) And the fact that I was expected to be satisfied and just follow the guidelines without a second thought eroded my confidence in the authorities. I saw two possibilities: either the expert authorities were not familiar with the issues, or they were aware of the gaps and errors in the research data, but they followed their guidelines from above. I knew that there was no safety data on the vaccine in pregnant women, and yet it was recommended as safe and effective for this group. I knew about the biodistribution study (6), and the permeability and toxicity of the lipid nanoparticles (7). I knew which group should NEVER be used as guinea pigs in studies. I knew that there was no way any vaccinee could have been given informed consent in this global vaccination project. If the authorities and other experts did not know, they should have known.

The profession includes the responsibility and obligation to keep up to date with the latest information. If the authorities in Finland and abroad do not provide up-to-date information, it must be sought elsewhere. If scientific journals controlled by the pharmaceutical industry fail to publish research that is damaging to the industry, the right information must be sought directly from the field – from the experts whose voices are being silenced. Where can these silenced voices be found? On censored platforms, because they are the ones being censored. Why are they censored if we are about health? That is the question we need to get an answer to. And to find the answer will require much more work, dedication and understanding of the power of money and other rewards in academia, government, media and political medicine. Conflicts of interest, greed and censorship are not contributing to people’s health and well-being.(8)

Ignorance or wilful blindness?

Many people have woken up to the fact that we are being mislead and lied to. Some have accumulated a lot of knowledge about what is going on in the background in a short period of time through their own efforts, and others have known about it for decades. Intuition alone is enough to tell you if everything is not right. The importance of intuition should not be underestimated: it fosters sensitivity in observing the world, curiosity and the desire to investigate ambiguities. Ignorance is not a bad thing, we have all been in a state of unawareness and sleep at some point. Being wilfully ignorant and blind may give oneself and one’s herd a sense of security for a period of time, but when used as a professional coping mechanism by an expert, decision-maker or researcher, it leads to the potential suffering and misleading of innocent people, which in my opinion is an abuse of a position of trust.(9)

I froze my career in 2021 because my intuition, experience and knowledge could not be bought or manipulated. It was a difficult but inevitable decision. I decided that I will not release a single embryo from the lab for embryo transfer until a critical discussion begins. Personal responsibility for my own actions was self-evident for me. Of course, I could not delegate responsibility to health authorities or a few selected experts, especially when I saw their incompetence and unwillingness to take responsibility for their actions and words. I couldn’t just blindly follow unjustified orders and instructions, if I had done so, I would not have been able to look the patients in the eye. So I quit. I was not being asked about it afterwards, and the reason for quitting seemed to be a kind of taboo.

My biggest disappointment was not ignorance but silence. Silence and following authorities’ instructions. I lost the connection of communication by asking questions and, what I thought, legitimate concerns from a professional point of view. The imbalance of questions and answers had reached an extreme. Silence is not the answer. Valid concerns must not be swept under the carpet. Fear is natural human emotion also for professionals, but it is not conducive to critical thinking, to objectivity, to establishing a dialogue with colleagues or patients. Speaking of fear, I was far more afraid of betraying the patient’s trust or causing harm to the patients than I was of losing my livelihood and my career. The absurd silence and blind faith in authority that I saw around me did not help to calm my fears. There was a lack of understanding of science among the general public, but also among experts. Science is completely different from religion. If asking scientific questions provokes a strong emotional reaction, then we are talking about religion, not science. The desire to trust the manufacturer of a product or the instructions of the authorities is not sufficient justification for taking the risks that we had taken.

I have continued to work voluntarily without taking days off. Reading, meetings, conversations, conferences. In groups of researchers, doctors or other multiprofessional groups that value transparency and ethics, no money is involved, people volunteer for the sole reward of the pleasure of being able to help. One large group in need of help is people with vaccine injury, for whom efforts are being made to find treatments. The aim is also to encourage people to take responsibility for their own health and well-being. Experts, as well as any person, should also develop critical thinking skills and listen to their ethical compass in order to be less subject to external influence. It is in the interest of every ordinary person to recognise, understand and expose the corruption and abuses that threaten people’s health and lives, and to become aware of the totalitarianism that is in progress. Including those who categorise, name-call and believe these good guys to be spreading disinformation, or on behalf of Putin or whoever. Reality is a painful thing to be faced, has been for me too, and everyone wakes up to it when the time is right for each of us. You can take a horse to the riverside, but you can’t force it to drink.(10)

Trust the science and the authorities – watch out for disinformation!

The World Health Organisation (WHO) had changed the definition of a vaccine before the introduction of covid vaccines. The definition of a pandemic had already been changed earlier. In fact, the injection campaigned as a vaccine for worldwide distribution was not even a vaccine in the traditional definition. ”Smallpox vaccine saved lives, so you don’t believe in vaccines?” was a repeated phrase that again identified a marketing strategy. The global distribution would not have been possible if people had been told what the product actually was. The definition is debated as to whether it is a gene therapy, immunotherapy or a prodrug, but it is not called a vaccine by those who are familiar with the subject. It should also be noted that these products are subject to much stricter testing, regulations and quality standards. In the case of a vaccine approved under emergency authorisation, the safety tests that would have been required, for example, for gene therapy or pharmaceuticals, could in practice be skipped. (11) The measures during the pandemic and the principles for the approval of medicines and vaccines have given rise to great concern and criticism of the activities of both the WHO and the drug regulatory authorities (e.g. the FDA). Emergency authorisation was possible for covid vaccines if there was no effective treatment for covid. Early treatment had existed, but it had to be discarded in favour of vaccines. Doctors who used the effective early treatment were also silenced by censorship and intimidation. One might legitimately ask, whose interests are being served by these organisations? It is urgent and necessary to put independence, transparency and medical ethics at the forefront and to bring to light the true nature of these business organisations. At present, behind curtains and behind closed doors, an unprecedented handover of power to the WHO is being rapidly pushed forward, allowing the endless pursuit of profit, endless pandemics, the advance of health fascism and totalitarianism under the guise of ’health’ (12,27).

I recall an image of a chemist in a laboratory. The caption says ”The scientific method:
1st step: Fuck around, 2nd step: Find out.” This is a chemistry joke, of course, but it sums up my view of what has been done with covid vaccines. The long-term effects were not and still are not sufficiently known. Even all the effects were not known.(13,14,15) Understanding the effects requires more than the drug companies’ own advertisements, the studies they fund and the drawings and descriptions on government websites. Unfortunately, not even the quality of the vaccine is clear, as several analyses have shown deficiencies in quality and quality control.(16,17,18) This should not have happened. A clean-up and cover-up operation is to be expected. vaccine-related injuries have also been covered up and removed, even from official statistics. (19) Vaccine adverse reactions have been belittled, discouraged from being reported, have not been trained to recognize nor to treat them. People who have been affected by vaccine injury have had their stories censored, labelled as disinformation and left to struggle on their own. Why are they not listened to? Why are they and their huge numbers not known? Are people aware of a machinery designed to diminish people’s vaccine hesitancy? (20,21) Why is a huge amount of money being spent to build and operate such a machinery, but no funding is available to research, identify and treat vaccine-related damage? Where has the term anti-vaxxer entered people’s vocabulary? From the media? Conscious people think for themselves, do their own research and have the courage to ask questions, and are less susceptible to psychological manipulation. Personally, I have still not received answers to the basic questions I asked in 2021, which turned out to be very important, and which were purely related to biology. (22,23) When censorship, manipulation and trained fact-checkers and pharmaceutical industry lobbyists give way to honest and open scientific debate, I believe that vaccine hesitancy will naturally fall in the right direction. No financial investment is needed, transparency is enough – if we are in the interests of health.

Ethics is poison to totalitarianism

The official version of the truth seems to be backed by a vast money-building and money-replicating machinery, including research with funding, the publishing operations of respected scientific journals, regulatory authorities with their funders, political actors, the media complex, patent holdings, sponsors widely seen as philanthropists, the use of behavioural scientists to manipulate people’s minds, censorship networks from search engines to ”trusted information” campaigns and trained information influencers. This machinery also uses public money to generate profit for a small interest group and concentrates power in the hands of criminal actors who do not work for us but drive us towards a totalitarian world. We have seen what this machinery is capable of and what it seeks to achieve during the covid period. The individual as part of this system may not understand his or her involvement and may not see the big picture. The reward system is very well designed (24,25,26,27).

I am fortunate to have met many doctors and scientists with high ethical standards worldwide. I have seen how knowledge increases humbleness and the courage to ask questions. The awareness of the limited knowledge one has increases in proportion to one’s knowledge – this is also evident in their speech. I have been welcomed in different teams, appreciated for my knowledge and experience, but most of all I have been encouraged to ask questions. Scientific debate is about reflection, questions, answers with arguments and being challenged. Scientific discussion does not need to be silenced. If a public discussion in the name of science, with selected experts, is simultaneously accompanied by a strong censorship elsewhere, it is propaganda, not science. ’Trust the science’ is an often-heard phrase that will remain in my mind as one of the saddest examples of these years.

The official version of the truth, served one-way from above, is no longer enough for people. People want honesty. I see a great awakening in the world, hopefully Finland will join in. The doctors who fought tooth and nail to protect their medical ethics, who wanted to be put out of the way of the giant vaccine business and political agenda by destroying their reputation and even their licences, are the greatest heroes of all. Scientists who fought for independent science and scientific transparency, against bribed or ignorant scientists, fact-checkers and pharmaceutical industry lobbyists, have earned even more trust in the eyes of the people. What do these heroes have in common? They don’t talk about themselves as heroes, they just say they are doing their job. Just like we all should be doing.

Every word has consequences. Every silence, too.” – Jean-Paul Sartre


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