MKR Co-operation Network

Introduction in English

(FINLAND and soon the World)

MKR started in Finland in 2020 as
A Multi-Professional Corona Crisis Solution Group

MKR is an independent think tank and a mass movement that consists of active normal citizens and professionals from all fields, in great co-operation.

We came together because we saw through the official lies and corruption in the Covid-19 crisis and wanted to do something to help humankind.

Little by little MKR has expanded into “A Solution group for all crises” and is doing all kinds of good for a better future.

Even though we are small and have no funding, we believe that as a unifying force with some ground-breaking ideas we can do multiple amounts of good to the world.

Because of our biggest strengths: the friendly relationships with all/most benefactors and will to do good together with everyone, our official name has become:
MKR Co-operation Network


MKR action is based on values that are shown in MKR logo in six colours:
– Holistic, Scientific, Independent, Unifying, Loving and World Bettering

MKR was founded by Finnish doctor Mikael Kivivuori and embodies his ideas about the importance of love, understanding, forgiveness, mental well-being and psychology.

The idea is that a crisis is an opportunity and a good excuse for starting a Universal Circle of Good that will spread everywhere (countering the Great Reset).

MKR has lots of independent small teams like News, Science, Health & Wellbeing, Economy & Money, Corruption Research, Covid & Other Crisis Solutions, Better Finland (innovating new society), Law & Politics, Arts & Entertainment, Peer Support & Conversation Groups etc. that get together in Zoom, Telegram and other ways.

We share good through various ways like articles, diagrams, petitions, music, humour, art, conversation, campaigns, social media, videos, interviews, happenings, peer support etc. 

In the near future, there will be a place/homepage for MKR International Team Articles, Projects and Co-operation Partners etc.
(the link will come here)
For now, you can share this page:


In September 2022 MKR International Team started to fulfill our visions for global co-operation and good for the whole of humanity.

When we see solutions working in practice, we aim to share them with the world to benefit all humankind. 

We would like to be in co-operation throughout the world with all the individuals and organisations that are on the same kind of mission.

– MKR International Team’s WEEKLY MEETING
TUESDAYS 18.00 CET in the zoom,
you are welcome to join:
Meeting ID: 822 6044 0569
Passcode: 528526

We welcome all co-operation!

Best Wishes
MKR Team

The corona crisis is not just a medical problem. It is a holistic problem that concerns all citizens and sectors of life.