MKRMultiprofessional Coronacrisis Solutiongroup

MKR means in english Multiprofessional Coronacrisis Solutiongroup.

Main reason behind the birth of MKR is that coronacrisis is not just a medical problem, but a holistic problem that concerns all sectors of life. That is why we need a holistic solution.

MKR is an independent thinktank and a mass movement that consist of professionals from all fields and normal citizens in a great co-operation.

Our aim is to find and spread improvements in the way Finland tries to survive the crisis – Example is that we think crisis is also a possibility.

And when we see solutions working in practice, we spread them to the world also to benefit all humankind. 

We want be in co-operation throughout the world with all the individuals and organisations that are on the same mission of solving the coronacrisis.

What is special in MKR, is that we try to be a neutral and an unifying force.
That is why do only things that everyone agrees to be good for all.

Reason behind this MKR strategy is that to change things, we need a huge masses of different thinking people working together. There is enough separation and fighting each other in this world already, so we want to bring peace, love and understanding to all. 

We will be spreading good through various ways like articles, diagrams, petitions, music, humour, art, conversation, campaigns, social media, videos, interviews, happenings, peer support etc. 

So welcome to co-operate with us!

Best Wishes, MKR Team